Abdominoplasty Surgery Center for Kirkland Residents

Excess fat around the abdomen is something everyone wants to get rid of, more due to cosmetic reasons than any other. Abdominoplasty surgery procedure is often adopted by people to achieve a desirable slim figure. The surgery results in tightening of the tummy muscles even as the extra fat above the muscles and below the skin is removed.

Your dream of a flat stomach is no longer impossible or out of reach. Partington Plastic Surgery Center is here to help your body get the perfect shape. The numerous successful abdominoplasty procedures that have been carried out by us in Kirkland have proved to the people that no amount of exercising can accomplish what our expert surgery can. So, think no more! Schedule your tummy tuck surgery with us and get rid of those unbecoming love handles!

Tummy Tuck Surgical Procedures in Kirkland

A less than perfect shape of the stomach leaves many a woman embarrassed, in public as well as private. Most of the married women experience a flabby tummy with loosened abdominal skin & muscles after childbirth. Even otherwise, reasons as diverse as a faulty lifestyle or hereditary effects results in an out of shape body.

Such a physical imperfection can make you self-conscious while donning a swimsuit. It may make you uneasy even when you are alone with your partner. Don’t worry, come to us. Our tummy tuck procedure is just what you need to get the figure of your dreams. We are a patient-friendly abdominoplasty surgery center and offer several financing options. You are sure to find one that suits you wonderfully.

Kirkland Abdominoplasty Surgeon for Excess Fat Removal

At Partington Plastic Surgery Center, we believe that abdominoplasty must be carried out in a setting that is optimized for patient’s comfort, safety, ease and advantage. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff and compassionate doctors make sure that the ambience at the clinic is calm, friendly and reassuring.

We work closely with every patient and strive to soothe her nerves and put her at ease about the impending procedure. Our surgeons start out with a detailed consultation with the patient to understand her hopes, expectations and anxieties. The careful attitude continues into a very conscientiously carried out surgery and even afterwards, into the post-operative care. We are committed to ensuring that all our patients achieve the attractive flat stomach they set out to achieve with the minimum of discomfort and expense.

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