The Best Place to Take Scrap Metal in Washington

It is difficult to overstate the importance of metal recycling, but where do you take you scrap metal in Washington?

The Best Scrap Metal Recycler in Washington

At Commercial Metal Recycling, we are the best at metal recycling in Auburn, WA because we have been around for several years now. The longevity in the industry is proof that we are credible and reliable and that customers are satisfied with our work. You should bring your scrap metal here because we offer some of the best prices in the area. Do not turn your yard into a scrap yard – bring your scrap to us and kill two birds with one stone by making good money and ensuring your yard is not an eye sore.

Locally-owned and Operated Scrap Metal Recycler

You should come to us because we are a locally-owned and operated scrap metal recycling company. Bringing your scrap metal to us ensures you are building the local economy amidst tough economic times. We have many employees, most locals, and we can employ even more of them if you give us business.

Bringing your scrap metal to us is a good idea because you will be doing your part in protecting the environment. We ensure minimal greenhouse gas emission during the recycling process, meaning you will be lowering your carbon footprint when you bring your scrap metal here. We accept different metals and we accept the scrap metal in any form (including old cars and car wrecks). Failure to recycle metal means it will most probably end up in landfills, which means heavy metals in the water supply.

A Credible and Reliable Scrap Metal Recycler

Our service is fast and we make prompt payment once you have delivered. Another reason why you should bring your scrap metal to Commercial Metal Recycling is that we are licensed by the relevant authorities, which is proof that we are reliable and credible and we follow the laid-out environmental codes. The scrap metal will be turned into usable metal that is used in Washington and beyond. You should note that we offer free scrap metal pick up if you cannot deliver the metal to our premises.

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