Affordable Sewer Repair Services in Seattle

Sewer lines that carry the waste from your property to the city sewer system often develop problems and get damaged. This usually happens because of grease build-up, intrusion of tree roots, cracking or corrosion of pipes due to age, sunken pipes due to ground settling, leaking pipe joints, etc. Immediate sewer line inspection and sewer repair is required as you cannot go through a single day if the plumbing and sewer system of your place is not functioning well.

If you are a resident of Seattle and suspect that your sewer system is not working as efficiently as usual, you should get in touch with Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. We have been servicing the region with great success since 1982. From leak detection to repairing or replacing collapsed sewer pipes, we can resolve all sewer line damage issues.

Sewer Line Inspection to Assess Issues in Seattle

Sewer LinesSewer system blockage can result from a number of reasons and the repair solutions to be performed will vary accordingly. At times, just a high pressure flush is all that is required and in some cases, extensive re-piping is the only way out.

When a sewer system starts malfunctioning, sewer line inspection to check for the possible damages is the first thing we do. We make use of the latest technology and equipment to locate the source of the problem without getting into the expense and hassle of exploratory plumbing. Camera pipe inspection helps in assessing the condition of the sewer pipes, the factors hampering their smooth flow and the type of sewer repair that needs to be carried out.

Leak Detection Experts Servicing Seattle

A leak in the drain or sewer lines is among the most upsetting things that a home or business owner can have to face. Causes such as aging, root damage, rusting, etc. can lead to cracked pipes that may start leaking. Most of the time, you don’t realize that your sewer system has a problem until it grows into more alarming proportions.

If you observe sewer’s foul odor emanating from your property, sound of running water even when the toilet or bathroom is not in use, unexplained overgrown vegetation in the yard, call Thriftway Plumbing, Inc. for sewer line leak detection. With our careful inspection, we will zero-in on the improper pipe seals and joints and do what is required to stop further damage.

Call us at (253) 245-1245 and our sewer repair specialists will be with you promptly to restore the sewer system on your property to perfect working order.