Appliance Repair in Federal Way

Do you have a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or other appliance that has stopped working?

If you do, then it is time to call L and L Appliance, Inc. They offer appliance repair in Federal Way so that you can squeeze more life out of the appliances that you already have. Not only does this prevent you from having to buy a new appliance, but it is also a lot simpler than getting a new install.

Our technicians have been providing repair services for 34 years and are extremely qualified in handling all different brands and appliances. Many big name appliance companies are only interested in their bottom line, and will sell you appliances that are not right for you or your home. At L and L Appliance, Inc., we are only interested in helping to improve the quality of your life. We do this by providing personable customer service and focusing on you, the customer, not the sale.

For all of your appliance repair, new appliance, or used appliance needs, visit us in Federal Way today.

New Appliances in Federal Way

Occasionally, you will find yourself in a situation where a new appliance is necessary. While this is generally the last resort at L and L Appliance, Inc., they do provide fantastic appliances for new installation. They offer top brands at affordable prices and can even lend their professional knowledge to you, so that you have confidence in whatever appliance you choose for your home.

Used Appliances in Federal Way

L and L Appliance, Inc. offers used appliances in Federal Way for a number of reasons. They understand that their customer base is made up of hard working individuals who may or may not have the ability to purchase a new appliance.

Money aside, many customers are now seeking used appliances as a way to take part in living “green,” or environmentally conscious. Whatever the situation, our used appliances are often brand name and built using quality materials.

For more information about L and L Appliance, Inc., call 253.939.9338. You can also view their website by going to On their website you can find information regarding their location, staff, hours, and products.

Their team of appliance technicians looks forward to helping you find an appliance solution!

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