As the year closes.....


I think big. It’s sad that businesses feel that they have to blog to blog, tweet to twit and f8 to facebook. It’s sad to me that friendship can be ruined by a business partnership and a corporation would drive a man to risk everything rather than work for them.

I am just grateful that I have everything to risk and I knew all along I had the grit to force this game plan along myself. I was the silent one..building something unselfishly because I had selfish motives to leave corporate America. I knew all along this day would come and I am not naive. I set this path up a long time ago and tried to make this move when my family was most ready to handle it. That time is now and I was happy to let my plans at corporate America unravel.

My theory is that I have had two very successful runs in corporate America selling two different products. I know my skill set is very strong and I have always sold the honest way. I now am going to devote the next year of my life and my life savings to help myself achieve my own goals. If I fall short…..I still will have the remains of something that I have built that requires low overhead and provides a good honest service. There still will be income there.

My primary goal is for my wife to stay home and raise my daughter and the new child that we have on the way. I have walked into this situation with my eyes wide open and I am grateful for those quite moments that inspire me to be even better than I have ever been.

2011 will be the hardest year I will ever have worked before. I will provide for my family and I will triple my business in 2011. I also will take time to spend with my growing family and take care of my beautiful wife. In the end….they are the most important.