Blog Post Comments


Is funny how people leave comments on blogs.  I really feel as if the whole SEO back link process is so ridiculous.  What the hell is the purpose of it.  Please someone leave me comments about the actual purpose of it.  I understand how relevancy can be important but the value of quality has been replaced with quantity.  What percentage of people actually leave comments because they are moved by a post vs how many people leave a comment because they can’t get one millionth of a blip of a dot of a search engine ranking improvement.  I think that a website should be rated on its quality of content and purpose and not so much garbage like back linking.  Don’t get me wrong….I do the same things to a degree because that’s how the game is played.  No one watches infomercials because they are spammed out long expanded commercials and SEO to a degree is just that…

Search engines need to improve on their search results and not worry about backlinks.  Most common searches bring up crap results.  I still think that IYP directories provide the best local search content .  Their search platform is so old school genre name and appearance and no one likes it.  Search for search they provide truly the best local search result.