Blogging is something that is good for our business. We use our “blog” as a think tank of sorts to brainstorm about industry options or consumer driven options for our business. Blogging is also another way to communicate with search engines and let them know that our site is open for business and that we are openly active online. In the old days, a business telephone line from the telephone company was a full proof way for the community to know that a business was available for service and they received a free listing in the Yellow Pages in return. Nowadays, as technology has encouraged the advancement of local search, blogs are another dependable way for the local end user to stay connected with local businesses. Search engines are able to tell if the business is still “connected” by the activity they perform through their business website or its many affiliations (blog). As business lines have converted over to cell phones the phone company no longer has a monopoly on local search through the Yellow Pages or its free listings. Businesses lines were a “members only” club and were generally the only sure way to get your business listed for free in a local directory. Which in turn, gave the Phone Companies a free list to call and prospect revenue for their hugely profitable yellow page industry. Blogging in a way, is a hi-tech way to show the world that our business is not disconnected to local search.

If you have a blog for your business be sure to claim it to . The claim process will start once you have verified your code and get a result that looks something like this. GADYR36MCW64 (Verification Code)

-iLocal Staff