Car Insurance Downtown Kent

If you are a driver, you need quality vehicle insurance.

There are plenty of options for auto insurance in today’s market, but there are only a few fantastic insurance companies, one of which is Mcminimy-Haynes Insurance. Mcminimy-Haynes Insurance has built a positive reputation throughout the Puget Sound for offering great customer care.

If you are tired of dealing with companies that constantly refer you to technology, and don’t provide any face to face interaction, then you will become a fan of McMinimy-Haynes Insurance. Their team believes in offering one on one care to every single client. Their team is educated and passionate about keeping their clients safe and covered with good insurance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Auto Insurance Downtown Kent

When many people think about auto insurance, they think about an extra expense that may or may not pay off. However, with the help of McMinimy-Haynes Insurance you will always feel taken care of.

McMinimy-Haynes Insurance provides:

  • Protection for collisions
  • Personal injury protection
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Car rental expenses
  • GAP insurance, comprehensive, and liability

Often, drivers over pay for auto insurance. This not only gives them a bad outlook on insurance, but it also bothers good insurance companies who know drivers benefit from being covered. Whether you need insurance for your main vehicle, your motorcycle, your recreational vehicle, or your boat, McMinimy-Haynes Insurance can help.

As you may have heard, insurance bundling is becoming more popular. This is when you gather everything you have insurance on and bundle it with one company to save money. Since McMinimy-Haynes Insurance is all about saving you money, they offer bundling.

If you are interested in finding out how to save money by bundling your insurance plans, simply call a McMinimy-Haynes Insurance agent. Their agents pride themselves on being available to answer any and all questions you have about your plan. After all, you are paying monthly for a service. You deserve to know the ins and outs and to have someone available at all times to answer your questions. The agents at McMinimy-Haynes are committed to taking your calls, or returning them promptly in the rare occasion that they cannot be reached when you call.

This constant flow of communication allows for better service for you, and better coverage in case something happens with your vehicle.

To find out how to get affordable car insurance through Mcminimy-Haynes Insurance, dial