Best Carpet Cleaning for the Tacoma Area • Carpet Cleaning Special Prices

When you need great carpet cleaning services at great prices in Tacoma, WA, get in touch with Genesis Carpet Care.

We work to satisfy you and earn your respect and business with good and honest carpet cleaning Tacoma services that are also

  • Highly professional
  • Extremely friendly
  • Very economical

Having served Tacoma with carpet cleaning and rug cleaning since 1993, we have become a reputable carpet cleaner and a pro at resolving diverse carpet and rug issues. Still, we keep trying to add to our carpet cleaning expertise and knowledge. Each carpet cleaner working with us is dedicated to updating skills and improving the carpet cleaning service delivered to you and our other Tacoma customers.


Rug Cleaning Company Serving Tacoma Carpet Stains

There is no doubt that rugs and carpets look great in Tacoma properties, but only when they are well-maintained through periodic carpet and rug cleaning. Neglected rug cleaning result not just in foul-smelling or moldy rugs/carpets, but also trigger allergy problems in the inhabitants.

We cannot let that happen with you! Our carpet cleaning Tacoma company offers comprehensive carpet and rug cleaning services to remove the most stubborn and deep-seated stains from the carpets and rugs in your Tacoma property.

Our efficient carpet cleaning or rug cleaning services to leave the carpets in your Tacoma home or business place

  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Fresh

With our IICRC certified rug and carpet cleaner crew, high quality carpet and rug cleaning products and advanced carpet cleaning machines, we make sure you enjoy beautiful flooring and cleaner & healthier air.


Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet Cleaner Rental Best Prices

Your Tacoma carpets/rugs pick up all sorts of debris like dust, wine, food stuff, grease, hair, pet dropping and more. So, the rug cleaning or carpet cleaning Tacoma needs to be really thorough to

  • Eliminate stains
  • Remove dust
  • Eradicate allergens
  • Sanitize carpets/rugs

Like other Tacoma residents, you have the choice of carpet cleaner rental and the services of a professional carpet cleaner company. Just renting a carpet cleaner is not much good. Your inadequate understanding of operating the carpet cleaner will make the carpet cleaner useless for cleaning your Tacoma rugs/carpets.

Why not hire our competitively-priced professional carpet cleaning and rug cleaning services? Our expert carpet and rug cleaning services lead to exceptionally clean carpets/rugs, which you would find hard to do with a rented carpet cleaner.


Property owners in Tacoma should call (253) 777-4887 to get free estimates from carpet cleaning or rug cleaning experts at Genesis Carpet Care.