Custom Assembled Spice Racks

Spices and herbs are the items that you use in the kitchen most often. It helps to have these stored at hand and in an organized manner so that you have quick and easy access to them. The best solution is to get spice racks, hang them at a convenient location and store your condiments on them.

However, buying the standard spice racks available on the market can present two main problems – either some spice jars are not accommodated on the spice shelves or considerable space on the spice shelves is left unutilized.

This does not happen when you get your spice racks from ZIPcabs! We help you organize your kitchen and store your spices efficiently by offering customized spice racks that are crafted to meet your exact needs. Our trained professionals configure your custom spice rack precisely according to the dimensions you specify for:

  • Its height
  • Width of the rack
  • Number and depth of spice shelves

Adjustable Spice Shelves Offering Flexibility in Usage

The best thing about our custom spice rack is that it comes with spice shelves that can be moved and do not have any fixed locations.

The requirements for spice racks vary from one household to another. In your home, the culinary tastes and brand preferences of your family determine the number and type of spice containers that are used.

That is why we offer spice racks with adjustable spice shelves. The modifications that such spice shelves allow makes the rack a truly custom spice rack. Movable spice shelves offer you amazing flexibility in using your racks and:

  • Help in utilizing available rack space to the maximum
  • Ensure a perfect fit for spice jars & bottles of different sizes
  • Facilitate proper usage of spice racks over time to suit changing needs

Quality Custom Spice Rack for Your Kitchen

While our focus is on providing custom spice rack with maximum functionality, we do make sure that the quality of our product is not compromised in any way.

When you order a custom spice rack from us, you can rest assured of getting an:

  • Affordable spice rack that offers excellent value for money
  • Exquisitely crafted spice rack that enhances your kitchen/pantry
  • Sturdy, reliable and durable spice rack that is made from solid oak

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for a free quote on custom spice rack today!

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