Custome Service

I was eating lunch with my daughter today and while feeding my duaghter her pizza I couldn’t help but overhear the two middle aged couples talk about customer service. The one husband was referring to how awaful Direct TV’s customer service. They went on and on about numerous situations and numerous companies and how awful they all were. Each one they mentioned were large corporations that declared millions upon millions of dollars worth of profits each year.

Customers left on hold for long periods is the first round of disrespect that major corporations are guilty of. The second is mass transferring. Another top offender is have 8 options to choose from then after you select the 5th option you get 6 options to choose from and you pick the 2nd option…which has 4 options to pick from. You pick 2 and the phone goes dead. Which means you have to start all over.

The corporate world is a mess and they have no respect for a consumers time or money. Yet, they have all the customers and they have all of the money. I think this is because the underworld has its evil influence of greed on the rational mind of corporate America. How else can you explain such awful service and disrespect.

These two couples should have been enjoying their lunch today at a nice golf course. Instead they went on and on about just how awful the corporate world is. I kept wanting to give them my business card to iLocal, Inc. but I didn’t want to try and sell someone my services during a Sunday afternoon amongst good friends.

I really believe in good customer service and will do whatever is possible to make it happen. If someone on my team causes my company to not deliver products on time or are rude to someone then I will get rid of them. I own my company and I control the interaction with my consumers. My customers pay me a portion of their own income and I don’t wish to do anything that would encourage them to be reluctant while doing so.

As my company grows….my top priority will always remain the same. Respect my customers time and money.

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-iLocal Staff