I am more driven right now than I have been in my entire life. Which is amazing when I look back over my history of previous success in my life. I would work around the clock if I didn’t have my family home life to somewhat ground me. There is this I will show the world attitude in me and a few certain someones and institutions have driven me to this level of determination and success that I am headed towards.

I am focused. People seem to like to think how I should run my business or my blog posts. I run a very respectable business and do a very good job with my customers. I could care less if people told me how to blog or anything else that involves my business.

This story couldn’t be told without the fact that I have faced failure in my life. I am not wanting to sound like I am enshrined only in success throughout my lifetime. I am just saying that I have worked hard to attain a certain level of professional and financial success in my life. This path I am on is an entirely new odyssey. I am so driven that I will risk everything I have without as much as flinching a nerve to attain my goal. I also work around the clock and do what I think is most right during this time in my life.

I know how to get customers and I am very good at it. I just now need to continue to provide a valuable product and service along the way.