Economic Recession


Now is not the time to advertise

I don’t agree with this tighness regarding peoples economic perception. We basically are at the peak of advertisers who have declined their presence in Print Media and Yellow Page advertising. The saddest part about our economy is how important a sales force has been for both sides of the isle. Just imagine how deep this economy would have dropped had the numerous media’s salesman not been out on the street prying belief and usage of print media. There are a lot of businesses that wanted to cancel everything and were advised not to and they are very happy that they didn’t make a long term decision based on worries about their short term circumstances.

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In a recession, the first dollars that a company usually cuts come from the advertising budget. Advertising in a recession is actually a smart business move to grow your business now and for the future.
McGraw-Hill Research conducted a study of U.S. recessions from 1980-1985. Out of the 600 business-to-business companies analyzed, the ones who continued to advertise during the 1981-1982 recession hit a 256-percent growth by 1985 over their competitors that eliminated or decreased spending.
American Business Press analyzed 143 companies during the economic downturn back in 1974 and 1975. Companies that advertised in those years saw the highest growth in sales and net income during the recession and the two years that followed.