The Best Car Wash in Seattle

There are several reasons why Seattle Weekly has on several occasions named Elephant Car Wash Seattle the best car wash in the city.

The Leading Car Wash in Seattle

Elephant Car Wash Seattle boasts leading companies, the city, the state, federal officials, media outlets, the military, and individuals as some of its clients. The car wash was established in 1951 in Seattle’s 4th Avenue and Lander Street. It was the first car wash of its kind in Washington (it had the first automatic car wash in the state). Elephant Car Wash later expanded to Battery Street and then to Pacific Avenue.

You should consider bringing your car to Elephant Car Wash Seattle because the cleaning includes soft-cloth wraps and high-pressure water cleaning. This means very comprehensive cleaning. Other than the first few locations, the car wash has since expanded to Auburn, Bellevue, Burien, Federal Way, Maple Valley, Redondo, and 2 touch-less locations in Covington and Auburn. The different locations means you do not have to travel far to get your car professionally washed when you are outside Seattle.

Comprehensive Car Wash Services

Elephant Car Wash is the place to come for a full service wash package. Some of the services you will get at the car wash include wheel cleaning, tri-foam protectant, tire shine, Interior window cleaning, Lustrashield protectant, vacuuming, dusting the console and dash, and car detailing Seattle. Other than the Full Service Wash Package, the other popular package is the Gold Package which goes for $29.99 plus tax, Platinum Wash ($34.99 + tax), VIP Wash ($19.50 + tax), Tri-Color Wax ($7.99), Interior Only ($13.99), Trunk Vacuum ($3.00), Leather Treatment ($18.99), Wheel Clean ($4.99), Tire Shine ($4.99), Large Vehicle ($2.00), and Exterior Wash Package.

On average, full service washes take about 20 minutes and exterior washes take about 10 minutes – it all depends on how busy the car wash is and the number of employees who are on duty.

Redeemable Certificate for a Car Wash

Buying a redeemable certificate is easy since all you have to do is make a PayPal payment and the Elephant Car Wash Corporate Office will mail it to you. You could also give the certificate as a gift to a loved one. Visit for a sample of what else we are involved in.