Engaged Website Owners


I applaud your attention as a business owner.  Success is determined by the amount of work that you put into the detail of any project.  “Just” paying someone to build a website for you is not a highly important aspect to that detail.  We all need a competitive edge.  iLocal, Inc. will go to any length for each of our customers.  Like any business we too need to remain profitable and we can’t do this unless we build a competitive web product that local business owners profit from.  Our own chance of success it quadrupled when we attain a customer that is engaged in the web design process.  Good content, artwork, photo’s and illustrations and time are a powerful equation for a successful website.

iLocal, Inc. started providing copy writing services because customers weren’t unengaged.  We had web design projects that would take 6 months because customers were willing to pay for a site but not provide any of the ingredients.  Content creates call volume and its the most important aspect to us in regards to Web Development.  Every single one of our sites have massive content.  To much content is some cases.  We too are learning the content game and a lot of our sites are becoming more equally balanced in regards to relevant content.

It is our goal to contact at least 1 customer per week to help them make improvements to their existing site.  With 46 customers at last count we can’t just get a hold of them at once.  We have a open door policy.  Why do we do this?  Because we realize they don’t have the time to even help themselves…or perhaps take the time.  I am pro web design obviously.  It’s 10:30 pm and after a full work day I have worked non stop all night.  My customers are not like this.  No matter how many customers we ever receive , it will be our goal to help our customers improve their websites.  The direction our management team has in regards to true customer service and support is loftier than any other web design company on the planet. As we raise more capital and grow more and more it will be exciting to see this hard work realized.