Enjoy the Best in Marine and Boat Repair Service Tacoma

The thrill of sailing on the azure oceans in your luxurious boat is unmatched and we, at Wrights Marine, strive to keep this thrill alive by providing timely and regular boat repair services to our clients. Being one of the leading Marine and Boat Repair Service experts, we are recognized for providing timely assistance and reliable services at competitive prices, as our focus lies on delivering the most satisfactory solutions matching your requirements.

Whether you own a small trailer boat or a large yacht, we have the resources, knowledge and expertise to provide marine and boat repair service efficiently. Being in this field since 1938, we have earned good experience and skills, making us capable of ensuring same level of efficiency and quality each time, no matter how big or small the job is. With such extensive experience backing our claims of providing unmatched services for Marine Engines and other parts, you can rest assured that your boat will get the best care and repair possible.


Specialized Repair and Servicing of Marine Engines

Your boat is a costly investment and taking good care of it involves considerable amount of time and money. However, our team of experts very well knows how to keep it functioning properly by paying equal attention to each and every part. We use the most advanced tools to repair and service Marine Engines, which are the life of your boat or vessel.

Besides regular boat service and repair, our services can also be hired for system upgrades, and for the repair, installation and replacement of following parts:

  • Marine Engines
  • Boat cylinders
  • Boat transmissions
  • Boat propeller
  • Boating accessories


Benefits to Tacoma Residents from Timely Boat Motor Service

While boating in the open sea or vast ocean, your safety depends on how well your boat is serviced as even a minor fault or negligence can prove devastating. Well maintained and regularly serviced marine engines can not only assure your safety, but also enhance your pleasure and enjoyment.

Another reason making regular Marine and Boat Repair Service so crucial is the impact it can have on the life of your boat. Durability, efficiency and performance of your boat can be enhanced considerably, provided it receives the required repair and replacements on time. Simultaneously, it can limit the chances of sudden breakdowns and costly repairs. So investing in quality Marine and Boat Repair Service now can save you from facing major issues later on.

Give the Wrights Marine experts a call at 253-627-1582 and get reliable and professional repair services for your boat.