Disability Accessible Remodeling Contractor in Washington

There are several reasons why people have trusted Exalt Him Properties, Inc. for their home remodeling since 2003.

Remodeling Projects for Seniors and the Disabled

Exalt Him Properties, Inc. has been undertaking remodeling projects for seniors and the disabled for the past 10 years. We have skilled accessibility remodeling experts who will assist you with planning, designing, and construction. You should come to Exalt Him Properties because we are licensed by the relevant Washington regulatory bodies and we are bonded. Our experts carry professional indemnity insurance which covers you from shoddy job and theft and damage to property and we cover our employees with worker’s compensation insurance to ensure you are indemnified in case of an accident that results in a fatality or an injury in your premise during the course of the Disability Accessible Remodeling.

Washington’s Best Disability Accessible Remodeling Contractor

Our 10 year experience in remodeling projects for seniors and the disabled is a big plus because it means we have learnt from our successes and failures. It is also proof that we are reliable and credible. We offer a variety of services, among them kitchen remodels, tiles, kitchen appliances, bathroom installations such as walk-in bathtubs, barrier-free showers, private elevators, hoist ways, and widening doorways. We have a mobile showroom that will show you how stylish, convenient, and safe a custom bathroom is.

Advantages of Disabled and Senior Home Remodeling

There are several advantages of disabled and senior home remodeling. The remodeling will ensure that your senior family members live a dignified last few years of their lives since they will be able to do almost everything themselves. Modifications like expanding doors and removing barriers in showers make like easier for everyone since it means seniors who have wheelchairs can easily move around and take showers without being lifted. Washington home remodeling is also important in that your disability remodeling contractor will ensure that the home is safe for seniors or the disabled in your family.

For more on what the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section says about senior and disabled care, visit http://www.ada.gov/cguide.htm.