Social Media Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Social networking is the newest way companies can use the internet to advertise themselves. It is an easy and exciting way for businesses to personally interact with the consumer and allow them to leave a lasting impression.

It also allows the consumer to connect with others, spreading the word about your business and the wonderful experience they had. iLocal is a huge advocate of companies using social media. We want to help you spread the information about your business using the social media everyone is using.

Did you know 618 million people log onto Facebook each day? Facebook has 1.06 billion current users! This makes Facebook your number one tool for social media marketing.

This allows you to build a loyal following of customers who love your products and services.

You may believe, “I don’t have time to get on Facebook.”  We offer a Facebook marketing service. We’ll constantly update your Facebook account saving you time and energy.


Facebook Developer for Design, Maintenance  and Facebook Marketing

Businesses are now able to reach consumers in a new way; through the internet. Using different forms of social media has become an easy way for companies to reach consumers. Many businesses these days are utilizing social media to reach old customers, gain new ones and build or maintain credibility and reputation among consumers.

Facebook is the largest social media network and that is why you cannot ignore its potential. Facebook will add new customers to your business around the clock!

Here are some advantages to Facebook marketing:

  • Highlights your products and services people need to buy
  • Drives more qualified buyers to your website
  • Use pictures and video links to demonstrate your products and services
  • Connect with your customer base 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Constant updates on specials, discounts and other news about your business
  • Use as a platform for customer testimonials

Social mediums are not only a way for businesses to interact with consumers but also a source of networking and communication between people. Popular networking sites including Myspace, Facebook and Twitter are social mediums, most commonly used for socialization and connecting with friends, relatives, and employees.

iLocal will use these forms of social media to reach consumers that may not know your business is out there. We have the ability to link your website to these networking avenues and start getting people to know your name!


Social Media Management * Facebook, Myspace and Twitter

Social media uses the Internet to transform broadcast media monologues (one too many) into social media dialogues (many too many). Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter users spread their knowledge and information to everyone they are connected with.

Becoming a place to exchange user-generated content, this is the newest and best way to reach customers and for those same customers to personally interact with your company. Let iLocal help you get your social media marketing up and running today.

Everyone is using some sort of social media these days. It is a way for individuals to spread their own personal experiences and information to everyone they know. Then those people spread the information to the people they know and eventually your business has been seen or commented on by a majority of people using some sort of social media.

In recent years social mediums have drastically grown. It has become the new “tool” for effective business marketing and sales and iLocal can access these mediums to help better promote your company.

Social media can be said to have three components:

  • Concept (art, information)
  • Media (physical, electronic, or verbal)
  • Social (direct, community engagement, social viral, electronic broadcast/syndication, or other physical media like print)

Common forms of social media:

  • Concepts, slogans, and statements with a high memory retention quotient, that excite others to repeat
  • Grass-Roots direct action information dissemination like public speaking, installations, & demonstrations
  • Electronic media with ‘sharing’, syndication, or search algorithm technologies (includes internet and mobile devices)
  • Print media, designed to be re-distributed

No matter what form of social media you choose to persue, iLocal will help network your company to the millions of people socializing on some sort of social media today.

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