Flexible Custom Spice Cabinet

Do you often fumble around the kitchen for spices to complete the dish you are cooking? Are you frustrated by repeatedly wasting money in purchasing spices that you already had but didn’t know?

Well, it is time you got a custom spice cabinet installed in your kitchen or pantry. You spend hard-earned money on herbs, spices and seasonings that enhance the taste and flavor of the food you cook. Then, why not invest in a custom spice cabinet to store all those spices in an organized way?

Using spice cabinets gives you quick access to the spices when required and also helps you keep a check on the stored items.

At ZIPcabs, we simplify your spice organization by offering a custom spice cabinet that

  • Is personalized for your kitchen/pantry storage spot
  • Is made to your specifications
  • Has flexible design, with adjustable shelves


Options in Spice Cabinets

While we offer several standard spice cabinets configured for popular items, our specialization lies in crafting custom spice cabinet that meets customer’s changing storage requirements.

Our personalized spice cabinets come with unfixed shelves that can be moved and locked in different positions. This feature is excellent for accommodating containers of different heights. Spice jars don’t always come in fixed shapes or sizes. So, we give you a custom spice cabinet that can be modified according to the items you currently need to store.

Striving to maximize your options in spice cabinets that fit your space and display needs, we offer you the choice of:

  • Spice cabinets in a combination of different height, width and depth dimensions
  • Spice cabinets in rack style and cabinet style
  • Spice cabinets with and without door
  • Wall/door-mounted spice cabinets and countertop spice cabinets


Spice Cabinet that Enhances Your Kitchen

Spice cabinets are meant for a specific purpose – spice organization. Still, you should not forget that as a part of your kitchen or pantry, your custom spice cabinet tends to impact the area’s aesthetics as well.
With us, you are sure of getting a custom spice cabinet that enhances your kitchen/pantry in every way, improving its

  • Storage capacity
  • Efficiency
  • Beauty

Our compact custom spice cabinet units allow storage of a large number of spice bottles in a small area. Every custom spice cabinet is solidly built with oak frames and old plywood back panels. Our technicians’ detail-oriented approach and exceptional workmanship make your custom spice cabinet pleasing to the eye.

Come to ZIPcabs for personalized, space-saving spice cabinets. Order your custom spice cabinet now! Call (206) 439-0338.