Fun Center in Tacoma for Everybody to Enjoy

If you are in Tacoma and are searching for a fun getaway to spend your holiday, you won’t find a better option than Odyssey 1. This is one amazing fun center that offers great options for the entire family to have fun and bond together. We are open every day of the week so that you can have a memorable fun day whenever you get time off from your busy schedule.

We are reputed for top-notch family fun. A Game Center that promises action for the oldest to the youngest member of the family, Jungle Gym Soft Play Park that offers kids games for children aged 10 years and below, a Concession Stand to satisfy your hunger pangs, facility of daycare center – we provide all you need to have a carefree and relaxed time that charges you up to face the daily challenges you would be returning to.

Energetic Kids Games That Promise a Wonderful Time to All Visitors

At 10 years and younger, your kids are at an age when they are bubbling with energy and eager to experiment with every playful activity. Sadly, they lack the maturity to understand the dangers that may be involved and don’t know how to safeguard themselves against the potential hazards. Though you do want them to play around and have fun, you worry for their safety.

Odyssey 1 sets you free from such qualms! At our Jungle Gym Park, we offer kids games that are designed with full attention to the safety aspect. Our swings, slides, club house, crossbars, mazes and tunnels allow your kids to jump, climb, swing, crawl and bounce without a care, to their heart’s content.

Our fun center also offers a special place that has just the ideal safe games that give a wonderful time to your very small kids (4 years and younger).

Jungle Gym- A Great Place in Tacoma for Kids to Celebrate Their Birthdays

The wonders that our Jungle Gym Park has to offer make it the perfect place to hold your kid’s birthday party in. We offer a private party room where you can arrange a themed party. Along with set-up and clean-up services, we also provide pizzas, soft drinks, plates, cups, napkins and other party extras to ensure a memorable party.

Your kid and their friends will never realize the hours slipping by as they explore all the fun and action this place has to offer.

Odyssey 1 is the ultimate fun center in Tacoma, WA to visit with your kids. To learn more about us, call (253) 444-6561.