Game-ification and Incentives: Making the Most out of Your Website Experience

Many people begin a business website knowing that they are going to reap benefits from having an online presence. Heightened visibility, better customer service, and 24/7 availability are some of those benefits. However, what most business owners do not usually utilize is the interactive experience that so many potential customers enjoy about being a part of your business.

Websites, blogs, and social networking sites have been offering business owners the opportunity to directly interact with their customers through games, incentives, and giveaways.  Here are four ways you can game-ify and entice your customers:

1. Old fashioned drawings still get many customers excited. You can host a drawing by setting aside a service or an item and having people “draw” for it. They can put their name in by “liking” your page, by following you, or by simply posting a comment on your website. After the drawing period is over you can pull from the list of names using a random generator, or other method, and you have a winner! You may even get a person who has not used your services or experienced your products before. In this situation, you can get new people excited about what you have to offer.

2. If you are creating a new product or service, you can post a photograph of it and have people post ideas for the name. The winner of the “naming” can get one free item. This is a great option for bakeries and restaurants.

3. Offering a promotion that can only be accessed through your website, blog, or social media will give people a reason to click on your site. It will also make them feel like a V.I.P customer who only gets the best treatment.

4. Polls are a great way to see what your customers, and potential customers, are thinking about your product. You can get their direct feedback on what they like, what they don’t like, and things you can change.

Before you can even begin to think of adding games or incentives, you need to make sure you have a clean and functioning website. While games and incentives are fun, you want your customers to take your business seriously in other aspects. After establishing yourself with a professional and user friendly website, games and incentives will add to your overall appeal, and create an interactive aspect to your business that will keep customers coming back for more.