Growing....Growing Stronger.


iLocal, Inc. is certainly growing and we are grateful for that. Our primary goal is to be a reliable web design company that services the Tacoma and Seattle, Washington area. Our goal is to do 300K in revenue next year for 2011.

As our company has evolved we are grateful to have thinned the tree’s of other business partnerships and relationships that just weren’t a right fit for us. We are happy with most of our vendors as of now and will always hope to remain a small business at our core. As we get bigger our philosophy still remains the same and that is same day service and never have our customer get flushed around through different departments. I would rather grow my company slow and have 100 % customer satisfaction than grow it fast and have profits that are wrongfully gained. iLocal, Inc. will remain right with the world and we will take our chances with that.

iLocal Staff