If it's ever broke... fix it


It’s About the People

My Father owned a business for nearly 20 years. I would call it a successful business and it allowed him to retire. He had his difficulty and numerous struggles but he fought through them. As a kid and as I grew up, he always has stressed, “its about the people you hire and have work for you”. It always made perfect sense to me and I had a first hand view of the many cast of characters he had hired through the years.

Our goal is too truly take this approach to the highest level possible. It’s tough for new businesses to be able to afford the highest quality employees and sometimes you have to do your best with the hand you are dealt. It is one thing knowing that a business needs to hire “competent people” and comprehending it. It’s in the comprehending it that you truly apply the philosophy. If you have an employee that keeps dragging behind on projects and is always late or has a attitude problem….etc. Move on.

It is not the business owners job in my opinion to get emotional about the wrong employee. An exceptional employee is a different scenario. Be grateful for those in your organization that truly are fantastic. Thin your business of the ones that aren’t at your first chance.

The strength of your business is the most important.