iLocal, Inc. reaches 50 customer milestone

We began our business in the fall of 2009 and we are happy to announce that we have now acquired our 50th customer.  We reached this milestone as a local website designer by acquiring two new web design customers on this past Friday.  We still consult with our first customer that was ever sold by iLocal and continue to provide ongoing support to each of the customers small business websites that we manage and maintain.  We are happy to announce that our web management & maintenance process has very little churn.  We have only lost one customer from our monthly management program and it was from a customer that went out of business one month after their site was completed.  Fortunately for our customer we don’t lock customers into long term agreements.

We are very fortunate to have reached our 50 customer milestone.  We have not taken one single shortcut along the way.  We are building the foundation of a business from the ground up and believe that hard work, creativity and a honest business objective will continue to grow our business.