Inbound Links


Be # 1 on Google

I am reading this small book by the Author Jon Smith. His book is laced with fast and easy Search Optimization Tools that are easy to comprehend and easily written in understandable terms. Being that I am in the internet technology world on a daily basis I actually have come to envy and despise google on many fronts. They simply are brilliant, creative and at times a technological juggernaut to figure out. The internet and its entirety is the largest puzzle that I have ever tried to solve or figure out in any shape or form. Just as you have it figured out a whole new set of rules are established. I could never have envisioned myself fascinated with local search. It makes me realize that everyone is capable of being a geek about something. Back to the story….

Inbound is King

A customer recently asked me about adding numerous links from sites from all over the place to her site and link sharing. I told her that one might be okay…but it still wasn’t what I would consider a perfect match. The other was out of the question….do not use that one. The goal is to increase your page rank with good quality link building. Quality not quantity. Don’t spam your own site with outside individuals that invite you to link into each others site. Find other companies and organizations that fit your genre of business that are high quality with good page rank and create a relationship with them that allows you to receive inbound links from them. The collaborative collusions of exchanging links back and forth are over. The local search game has elevated and is now refined to just good quality inbound links.

-iLocal Staff