It's not a blog.......


If every entry is just cut and pasted from some other online article from another website……  blogging should be a very personal commentary about personal, social or business experiences.  We do our best to reach this objective.   If you are a new blogger and are curious about learning more about this genre then check out this link: .  Blogging can be used as a great reference tool that back links to a highly reliable source like Wikipedia but its not blogging if you just copy and paste other peoples creative ideas from other websites.

I do believe that some articles and quotes are so powerful and worth mentioning that there are times when items should be allowed to just be copy and pasted.  What good is a blog if it doesn’t have its own ideas and thoughts.

iLocal has had our blog strung out in a few different places and although the process was longer than we would like, we have it archiving in a way that is aligned with how we wanted it all along.

iLocal, Inc. provides blog set-up and management services and are always interested in teaching others about the effectiveness of having a blog for small business or non-profit organizations.