Jewelry in Maple Valley

Anthony’s Jewelry and Goldsmiths is the place to visit if you are looking for jewelry in Maple Valley.

With so many big chain jewelry stores available, it can be difficult to find the individualized service and unique artistry that you are looking for. Thankfully, stores like Anthony’s Jewelry and Goldsmiths still exist. There, you can get personal customer service from a team of knowledgeable and passionate jewelers.

Their team will assist you in picking the perfect piece for your occasion, budget, and the person you are shopping for. They are the perfect store to visit if you are ready to propose to your significant other, because they specialize in finding the perfect engagement ring based on your significant other’s style, personality, and lifestyle.

Let a Maple Valley Jeweler Help You Choose an Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and anxiety producing experiences of your life. It is the material representation of your love for your future fiancé. Picking the right ring will let your significant other know that you value who they are as a person and understand their desire for something sophisticated, traditional, unique, or antique.

Likewise, choosing the wrong ring can sometimes lead your future fiancé to question whether you have paid much attention to their personality when deciding on the jewelry she/he will wear for the rest of their life. It’s a decision that you want to make carefully, and confidently, which is why Anthony’s Jewelry and Goldsmiths is there for you. They will ensure that you walk away with a ring you will be proud to present to the love of your life.

Anthony’s Jewelry and Goldsmiths Will Repair Your Jewelry

Anthony’s Jewelry & Goldsmiths has been a local and family owned business since 1956. Their success comes from their fantastic service, quality of jewelry, and the extra services they provide. They offer jewelry repair and will inspect and clean your jewelry at no extra charge. They even gift wrap your purchase for free. It doesn’t get much better than that!

You can find more information about Anthony’s Jewelry and Goldsmiths by calling 253.631.3777. You can also view their website at By visiting their website you can find information about their hours, location, services, and staff.

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