Landscaping Services in Tacoma

The exterior of your Tacoma property reflects significantly on you. The way you maintain the outdoors says a lot about your personality, lifestyle and tastes. If you want your neighbors and visitors to carry a flattering impression about you, make sure your property is attractively landscaped.

Total Lawn Care, LLC is a landscaping Tacoma expert that can help you. From landscape design to landscape installation to landscaping maintenance, we offer it all.

We come with an

  • In-depth knowledge of landscaping
  • Vast experience in conducting residential & commercial landscaping
  • Extensive manpower and technical resources for delivering landscaping services
  • Impressive record of successful landscaping projects all over Tacoma

Expert Lawn Care for Tacoma Properties

Even the most artistic landscape design and the finest landscaping Tacoma installation comes to a naught if the lawn is ill-kempt, patchy and dull. Property owners who undermine the importance of professional lawn care always end up ruing their decision.

So, after getting your beautiful landscaping installed by us, you must also invest in our regular lawn care services. We have the capabilities to deliver thorough lawn care services that keep your Tacoma lawn vibrant and healthy.

We offer comprehensive lawn care services, some of which are:

  • Grass sod installation
  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Pest and weed control

Our lawn care experts deliver timely services and carry out all their lawn care work with meticulous attention to detail. We pride ourselves as an eco-friendly landscaping Tacoma company and strive for lawn care treatments that are ecologically safe.

Landscape Design Service for Tacoma Residents

A creative landscape design can maximize the aesthetic and functional utilization of your Tacoma property’s outdoor space. And, of course, a beautiful landscape design can also help boost your property’s resale value.

These reasons should be enough to make you understand the importance of choosing a landscaping Tacoma professional who offers creative landscape design, along with expert landscape installation and lawn care services.

We offer innovative, yet affordable landscape design service that starts you on the path to achieving a dream landscape. We extend customized landscape design services and assure you of a unique and striking landscape design. We also look at creating a sustainable landscape design that works around

  • The particular outdoor space to be landscaped
  • The Tacoma property’s location vis-à-vis sunlight, air and water availability
  • Your specific landscaping requirements
  • The local climatic conditions

Tacoma residents should call Total Lawn Care, LLC at (253) 777-4664 for exceptional landscape design, seamless landscaping installation and efficient lawn care services.