Importance of Timely Slab Leak Detection

A slab leak refers to the leakage happening in a property under or within its concrete substructure. There is a network of plumbing pipes running underneath the concrete slabs. These may start leaking due to reasons as diverse as:

  • Corrosion over time
  • Poor quality of piping
  • Badly assembled fittings
  • Unexpected electrolysis
  • Earthquakes

It is important to call for water leak detection service immediately when signs of slab leak are observed. If the leakage goes untreated, water can quickly accumulate under the foundation, weaken it and compromise the structural integrity of the whole building. A homeowner who delays signing up for water leak detection service does not just invite higher utility bills, but also endangers the life of his/her family members.

Hire Professionals for Water Leak Detection Under Slab

Slab leaks can be a nightmare the homeowners. They do not see any water accumulation and are often at a loss about how to find a water leak under slab before it causes much damage. Moreover, detecting slab leaks is much more challenging than normal underground water leakage detection because dealing with concrete is more difficult as well as expensive.

Breaking up the slab in search of leaks is unthinkable. The best way of finding the exact source of water leakage under the concrete slab is getting water leak detection service from trained and experienced professionals.

They do not resort to lucky guesses or ‘hit and trial’ leakage detection methods. Rather, they excel at carrying out the thorough technical process that is a must for locating slab water leaks with minimal damage to the property. They also have at their disposal advanced technologies and equipment which they use to find leaks with techniques such as:

  • Ground penetrating radar
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Infrared scanning

Get Leak Detection Service When You See the Signs!

An escalating slab leak is one of the riskiest things that can happen in a home. So, instead of wasting time in DIY attempts at locating the leak, it is advisable to go in for professional water leak detection service at the earliest.

It is also advisable for homeowners to watch out for symptoms that indicate a leakage under their concrete slabs. These include:

  • Cracks in flooring or walls
  • Constant sound of underground running water
  • Excessive moisture or mildew under the carpets
  • Hot spots on the floor

Lose no time in calling experts for water leak detection service. The leakage can be repaired only after it is detected accurately.