Logo Design Services for University Place businesses


iLocal provides logo design services for businesses in the University Place area.

Did you know that your logo design can be used for more than just your business card or mailing labels? Well, it is true!

Five reasons University Place businesses hire iLocal for logo design services

• You want to give your business logo a new look
• You just started your business and need a logo
• You need your logo redesigned and placed on your site
• You need a website and want a logo on it
• You want all of your business marketing materials to match your logo

Some people may think that logo design and web design do not go together. That is not the case.

iLocal can help you design your business logo and website at the same time. Some of the questions that we ask about your logo design are the same questions we ask when designing your site.

Five more reasons to hire iLocal to design your University Place business logo

• You want to support a local web design firm
• You were referred to us by a friend, client, or business associate
• We have designed a website for you in the past
• You met one of our staff and liked what you heard about our company
• You have visited sites that we have designed and want one for your business

iLocal staff take pride in the work that we do for our clients.

If you would like to see samples of the logos we have designed for our current and past clients, please contact us.

iLocal staff are here to help each of our clients throughout the process of designing a logo, setting up a website, and continually adding to the website for constant growth to business.

For more information about our logo design services for your University Place business, please contact us today here at iLocal.

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