New Customer Growth


It is essential for a company like ours to gain new customers.  New customer growth is our #1 priority.  We all have worked for businesses that really preach this but it is really beginning to really sink in.  As our new business grows so does our immediate cash flow.  Fortunately for us though our current customer base isn’t shrinking at an alarming rate.  Our business continues to grow and our customer base continues to retain iLocal, Inc. services.

No matter the customer we do want to take care of both new and old customers.  We are grateful for the customers that have stuck with us and depended upon our services and they are the foundation of our business.  New customers though continue to stretch our learning process and keep us alert to new and exciting opportunities.  We personally enjoy the small business that has been so use to such sub par business and they appreciate the fresh approach we provide while dealing with a web design company.

The new customer though brings such opportunity and satisfaction that we are providing a useful web design product to each of our consumers.  Our product is up to date and we open the eyes of local small business owners.  Just today a customer told us that they never quite heard it explained that way before.  We have never really gotten to far entrenched into the SEO game.  We always knew we could….especially when we have researched some of our competitors and how they do SEO.  The goal is going to be to gain new SEO customers as well as new web design customers.  Our SEO comes with call tracking which truly allows our consumer to weigh the ROI in regards to our SEO product offering.  None of our sites have entailed a full SEO service.  We just build good basic optimized sites.  Our 3rd generation sites now are really delivering a high level of call volume.  Our copywriter is doing a good job of building a strong foundation and we are very happy with the direction of our businesses direction.

In conclusion, our new customers allow us to build good solid products which allow us to branch off into deeper product offerings that allow our business to grow in a way that offers an even stronger product offering.

-iLocal Staff