North Seattle SEO firm builds websites to increase traffic


iLocal is a local North Seattle SEO firm that builds websites to increase traffic for each client. When a client wants to increase their online traffic, one way to do that is by stepping up the use of SEO techniques.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is key for getting those Google©, Bing©, and Yahoo!© rankings that you should be striving to receive for your business’ website.

iLocal focuses on SEO as part of our web design package. We feel that SEO should be part of each website that is created. SEO and web design go hand in hand.

Think about this: You see a sign for a new store now open in the mall. You see the name and you know it is open. As you walk closer to the new store, you see items on display but there are no signs telling you what is what. No price tags, no designer labels, no nothing. This store is drawing customers to them by the hundreds, but is losing them at the door due to no distinguishing marks.

This is how a website looks to the “spiders” or “crawlers” that literally crawl around the internet looking for new sites. The titles of each web page are the designer labels that say “Hey, look at me!” The price tags are the little things that our web developers do to make your site stand apart from the rest.

Your site’s distinguishing marks are all of the SEO techniques, SEO keyword content, and the little things we do on the back end of your site to make everyone stand up, take notice, and continue to walk in your front door. Walking in the front door of your retail location or onto a second page of your website is our goal for your North Seattle SEO based business website.

We want our clients to get more traffic on their website. We do. We also want your phone to ring, ring, and ring!

The more business our SEO-based web design brings your business, the more business you have. The point of having a business is to succeed at it. We help our clients be successful.

Remember that our North Seattle SEO firm builds websites to increase traffic for all of our clients.

Contact us today to order one of our SEO-based web design packages created and designed by our staff here at iLocal.

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