Now that's service!


We will go to any length for our customers. We only ask that you are patient and willing to allow us to help you. If a customer is not happy with the way their site is performing we will do anything possible to adjust their site. Most of our customers get call tracking with their product and the results are obvious. The good news is that our product provides excellent results thus far. We have basic SEO dialed in pretty good on our site builds. We could offer a full service SEO with the best of them but since we are primarily a basic web design company we don’t have the time to manage 20 web design projects with the in-depth required time for 15 hours of SEO for one customer.

Customer retention is very important to us. We carry our product and service at the highest regard. We will go to any length for our customer. We reached the 61 customer milestone today. We are grateful. We just might be at 65 by weeks end. God Bless iLocal, Inc. !