Piano Repair Services for Gilbert Commercial and Private Pianos

Proper piano care, regular piano tuning and timely piano repair are the secret to keeping the instrument usable and valuable for decades to come. However, the piano is an extremely complicate musical instrument having nearly 10,000 moving parts.

This means that piano owners and players in Gilbert, AZ might have to get piano repair work done several times during the lifetime of the instrument. This also means that they should hire only a competent technician who is intimately familiar with the intricate instrument to conduct piano repair in Gilbert.

This, thankfully, is not a problem! Jason Calvi Piano Tuning & Repair has all the piano repair needs of Gilbert residents covered. Since 1995, we have been providing comprehensive piano care services in the community and are proven pros at piano tuning and repair.

We offer piano repair services in Gilbert for commercial as well as private pianos, fixing varied issues, including:

  • Dislodged keys
  • Broken legs
  • Torn pedals
  • Damaged hinges
  • Cabinet dents

Piano Tuning Services for the Gilbert Area

A piano needs to be tuned on a regular basis to have its balance and standard pitch restored. The instrument tends to go out of tune due to the impact from seasonal changes in climate, humidity and temperature. Its pitch is also disturbed by frequent and hard playing.

The essential piano care and maintenance service of piano tuning allows piano owners/players in Gilbert to experience the fullest and most beautiful sound from their instrument. The frequency with which a piano needs to be tuned generally depends on how often the instrument is used.

Call us whenever you need expert services for piano tuning in Gilbert. We offer thorough service that includes:

  • Preliminary cleaning
  • Calibration of notes
  • Action regulation
  • Complete appraisal of the piano’s condition

Gilbert Piano Care, Maintenance and Tuning Services

Your cherished instrument deserves nothing less than the finest in piano repair and care.  That is why you should hire us whenever you need piano care and maintenance services in Gilbert.

Tuning, fixing and maintaining pianos to keep them in prime condition calls for considerable skills and our piano technician has these in abundance.

You can count on us to meet your piano care requirements in Gilbert:

  • Without any delay
  • Efficiently
  • To your 100% satisfaction
  • At fair, affordable rates

Call today to schedule an appointment with our piano care specialist!

Need superior piano tuning or piano repair services in Gilbert? Call Jason Calvi Piano Tuning & Repair at 602-524-5613.