Pollution Control with Stormwater Products in Sumner

Every responsible individual, business or industrial facility owner will know that stormwater management and control is a high-priority task. Contaminants like trash, oils, debris and sediment must be stopped from entering the storm drain inlets at all costs as they pollute and harm the ecological system. Ensuring this is also a legal compulsion and its violation leads to serious losses, not only by way of heavy penalties, but also by damaging your public image.

If you are a resident of Sumner, you won’t find doing your due for the environment so difficult! Spill Control, Inc. makes it convenient with its exceptional stormwater products that include

  • Storm Drain Protection products
  • Stormwater Erosion Control products
  • Containment Booms and Turbidity Curtains
  • FlowStop

Storm Drain Protection for Industrial Facilities and Construction Sites in Sumner

The waste water that flows down the drain into the sewer is filtered and treated for pollutants. However, it is not done with the water flowing into storm drains. That means contaminated water may go on into the canals, streams, lakes and oceans. Needless to say, this poses a grave threat to our environment and cannot be allowed to happen.

We offer a variety of storm drain protection products to keep contaminants such as grease, oil, sediments, debris, hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other trash out of storm drains and curb inlets. Our specialized stormwater products afford an easy way for the industrial facilities, construction sites, parking lots and drive-up retail facilities in Sumner to comply with their environmental obligations.

Innovative Products for Stormwater Erosion Control in Sumner

Development of an appropriate erosion control plan is a must for every construction site. The presence of pollutants such as sediment and soil in the stormwater runoff from such a place has a very detrimental effect on the quality of water in the watersheds.

As a law-abiding and environmentally-conscious citizen, it is very imperative that you install the required stormwater erosion control measures at your construction site in Sumner. Spill Control, Inc. can help you out with this. We offer products like Filter Bags, SCI Straw Wattles and Pipe Filter Socks to help you remove sediment from stormwater outlets and discharge pump water.  With us, you get to enjoy the benefits of an inventory of innovative products, competitive prices, extensive distribution network and excellent support.


If you need high quality and effective stormwater products that suit your specific needs, get in touch with Spill Control, Inc. We can be reached at (253) 862-2700.