Reward your Staff


As the Internet Marketing Manager at iLocal, Inc. we believe in a flexible work environment. My tip would be to give employees the freedom to do their job and if they aren’t performing then enforce stricter rules.  If an employee is doing their job at a satisfying level then leave them alone. If an employee isn’t performing at an expected level don’t change the rules for all employee’s to try and enforce your expectations on these type of employee’s. Corporations make the huge mistake of changing all the rules which adversely affects the job satisfaction of already aligned employees.

Enforcing rules against everyone is like punishing all the kids because two kids are tardy for class. If every time a kids is tardy you punish all the kids then how effective is that. Reward and give freedom to the good ones and put the hammer down on the bad ones. Don’t run an ignorant business.

-iLocal, Inc. Staff