Root Canal Treatment at Reputable Dental Clinic in Tacoma

The mere mention root canals is enough to petrify some people. Even otherwise, visiting a dentist is not a very cheering prospect and the thought of having to undergo a seemingly complex treatment of root canal just adds to the misery.

Well, there really is no cause for panic in this. Root canal therapy is actually a great way of saving an infected or damaged tooth that might have been necessary to take out. It is generally required for two reasons – when you have either an infected or a severely damaged tooth pulp. Sometimes, infection or external force destroys the tooth’s dentin and enamel, exposing the pulp to damage. Root canals involve the removal of the damaged pulp and filling in appropriate material (usually gutta percha) in the empty canals. Thus, an injured or infected tooth is saved.

By getting your root canal treatment at Northwest Dental Services, the leading, reputable dental clinic in Tacoma, you can be sure of a tooth that lasts you a lifetime.

Tacoma Dental Office Offering Natural-Looking Composite Fillings

Are you conscious of the unsightly gaps between their front teeth or of having disfigured, broken or discolored teeth? Composite fillings, also called white fillings, can help you out. We offer durable tooth-colored fillings that make your damaged teeth look totally natural. While these fillings have a great aesthetic benefit, they also help in saving the original teeth by supporting and protecting their remaining structure.

So, no need to suffer that mental agony any longer! Come in to our dental office in Tacoma and get composite fillings that blend perfectly with your natural teeth.

Dental Crowns to Help You Have a Confident Smile

Having a chipped, damaged or decayed tooth is not something anyone would like to flaunt! Your teeth make a major impact on your looks and also on the attractiveness of your smile.

Therefore, anybody who has unattractive front teeth would love to have us give it a natural look with our dental crowns. These artificial, hollow teeth cover the original ones and so, are also called caps. Teeth that are fixed with dental crowns look and perform just like natural teeth.

If you want to keep a misshapen, discolored or damaged natural tooth, stop its further decay and improve its appearance, strength and functioning, allow our expert dentists to restore it by fitting a tooth crown over it.

Eat, talk, smile and laugh without a problem! Visit Northwest Dental Services for professional restorative dentistry services necessary to maintain healthy teeth. Call (253) 777-1965.