Sea-Tac businesses need SEO


iLocal can help increase traffic to your Sea-Tac business website by adding SEO. SEO can help bring traffic to your site by making sure that the search engines see your website in a positive light.

SEO does involve having content or copy on your site that pertains to your business. Your copy needs to be about who you are, what you do or make, and how to contact you. The copy also needs to be interesting. Adding a lot of keywords throughout the content does not help, even if the keywords apply to your industry.

SEO content means that what is written is, well, truthful about your business. If you produce business attire for other businesses but your website has skiing keywords, for example, your business will rank high in the wrong search categories. Now, if your business makes skiing attire, then skiing is an appropriate keyword.

It is a matter of knowing how to “label” your business with the correct keywords. It is also important to know how your customers and potential customers will search for your company.

An example of keyword searching could be how you ended up reading this post. If iLocal is not currently your web design firm, how did you find us? Did you search for “Sea-Tac SEO” or did you Google© “Sea-Tac local SEO?”

The words used during a Google©, Bing©, or Yahoo!© search determines what results you will see.

While this post may show up in a search for “skiing attire,” no one will probably ever see it because the ranking for it will be hundreds of pages of search results past page 1.
Rankings are a huge mathematical headache for those that do not understand (or do not want to understand) the algorithms used by the various search engines to decide how sites get ranked.

Some SEO experts recommend not trying to use the latest “trick” to up your site rankings. Well-written content with applicable keywords and a well-designed site will continue to perform when the latest “trick” is fixed and no longer works.

If you have not done the searches for your business, you should. Use Google©, Bing©, and Yahoo!© and see where your business actually ranks. (Please remember that rankings constantly change. Being on page 1 today might mean page 3 tomorrow.)

If your Sea-Tac business website is in need of SEO help, please contact us today here at iLocal.

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