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5 Crucial Reasons Why You Need It

Search-Engine-Optimization-SeattleIn any competition, the outcome does not just rely on the bare force or ability of the opposing parties. Tools, techniques, and other strategies also play a part in deciding the result of the event. This is also true in the Seattle SEO business industry.

A lot of business owners just focus on the heat of the competition without really looking for new techniques and ways to get ahead. Now, you don’t need to do things illegally to reach your goals. You can get a lot of information just by doing some research about Seattle Search Engine Optimization (Seattle SEO) and internet marketing.

If you are really motivated to reach your dreams as a business owner, make sure you have what it takes to veer from the conventional norms of marketing. If you are not yet convinced about the benefits of Seattle Search Engine Optimization (Seattle SEO), then here are five reasons why you need it:

  • SEO is effective.  Is a no brainier if you find the right Seattle SEO firm.
  • SEO is cost effective.  Cost per call and click is traditionally a much strong value.
  • Search engine optimization only takes a few months before you see results.  (up to 6 months to stabilize)
  • SEO can be a competitive advantage.  Most companies don’t have an in-house SEO firm on staff.
  • SEO is a good investment for your business.  Equity driven tactics a rarity throughout advertising history.


These are just a few important things you have to remember if you want to take your business to new heights with the help of a Seattle SEO company. There are a lot of things you will get to enjoy once you use this kind of online marketing strategy and incorporate it into your company.


Search Engine Optimization Seattle

iLocal, Inc. is a professional Seattle SEO consulting firm located here in the Seattle area. We monitor the tendencies and search result patterns of all the major search engines everyday and truly specialize at monitoring the local organic search results from for many large and small local business here in Seattle.

As a Seattle SEO expert we manage how your company can be optimized for search engines with search engine optimization. Once again our primary focus is Seattle Search Engine Optimization  on Google for Seattle area businesses but we also track the results of Yahoo, Bing, and other highly used websites.

Search engine optimization helps your website stand out from your competitors on search engine directories. Without proper search engine optimization your website is invisible. We offer search engine optimization that delivers POWERFUL SEO benefits.

  • Higher search engine rankings allows prospects to find your website & call your business
  • Puts your website ahead of your competitors
  • You become an online authority in your industry
  • SEO is an investment in your website and delivers business year after year


We offer a full compliment of SEO services specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses. Our main focus is on getting more calls or leads to your business. Consistently we have returned higher value and a better ROI to our clients than their other marketing efforts. Just some of the SEO services that we offer include:

  • Link building to improve authority of your site
  • On and off page setup
  • Copywriting, proofreading and editing
  • Keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Social media – Facebook, Google+
  • Blogging
  • Mobile website


The Best SEO Company in the Great Seattle Area


The bottom line is that you should have an SEO website strategy. Search engine optimization is no longer just for big companies, in fact, local small businesses can benefit the most. We have extensive experience working with small, local businesses to improve the number of calls they get from their website.

How important is placing high in search engine results? A recent survey by eMarketer indicated that there is a 10% difference between just the 1st position and the 3rd position.

In addition, “Overall, just over half of search users click on an organic result on the first page, and more than half of those choose the first or second listing.

Increasing your position for even just a few keywords can result in more phone calls! Contact us today to learn about how we can help your business get more phone calls!

Call us today for an SEO consultation on improving the amount of Seattle business you get from your website.