Get a Seattle Directory Listing to Improve Site Traffic

Many website owners in Seattle, WA do not realize that search engines are not the only source of web traffic coming to their site. An equally important avenue of attracting your target audience is through online directories. Though both the search engine and the Seattle online directory, or Internet directory, perform the similar function of supplying answers to their users’ queries related to the fulfillment of the need for a particular product or service, they work quite differently from each other. The search engines make use of spiders, which is an automated software program. The spiders locate and gather data from the web pages and the gathered information is included in search engine’s database. Whereas, the Internet directories depend on human editors, who analyze each listing before they add the business profile to their database. Moreover, the search engines throw up results or website addresses on the basis of the keywords typed out by the Internet user, while the directory displays the results for search conducted under the categories and sub-categories under which it has placed its listings.

Top-notch Online Directory

A lot of consumers use authentic and reliable Internet directories to locate businesses that can satisfy their specific requirement. So, no business can afford to ignore getting included in such directories. If you are a Seattle business owner looking for a reliable and popular Internet directory that you can become a part of, you must check out the Research Giant. It is an extensive directory with a vast collection of listings under a number of categories and sub-categories that address the day-to-day needs as well as specialized requirements of the common man that help him live a normal comfortable life. It offers interactive listings to its members, which means that you get a password controlled access to your profile in the directory and you can add, delete, change or modify anything in your profile whenever you want. This feature helps you keep your details updated. Current contact details and exact business location protects you from losing precious local customers that incorrect information in some other unscrupulous directories can lead to.
An entry in the Research Giant serves you with unlimited marketing and promotion benefits for years to come. You have the option of adding your company logo in the profile to enhance your branding; and you can even include videos related to your business to make the profile more attractive. Indeed, Research Giant is one Seattle business directory that promises to augment your online marketing efforts and beget significant increase in your online as well as offline business.

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