Seattle SEO Expert for your Business Website

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a method of strategies, techniques and tactics that are set in place to increase visitors to a website by highly ranking in search results. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other search engines collect information constantly from any and all listings. They rank your website by this information:

Domain Level – quantity of links to your domain, trust/quality of links to the domain,
keyword usage.

Social Metrics – quantity/quality of tweeted links, facebook shares, google +’s, etc.

Page Level, Keyword Agnostic Features – content length, readability, uniqueness, load speed.

Link Features – quantity of links, anchor text distribution, quality of link sources.

You can hire a Seattle SEO expert to optimize your website so that it is ranked highly by the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Helps Seattle Businesses Improve Web Traffic

Quality Traffic:

You really want quality traffic. What that means is that you don’t want people searching in google for an Apple Mac computer, and they find your site which is advertising Apple Farming. You want the people looking at your site, to be genuinely interested in your business.

Quantity Traffic:

Here is when Google’s Pay Per Clicks, and all those Ads for your business comes into place. The more you market, the higher the amount of people visiting your website will be.

Think of your website like a cake…Your links, paid search, and social media acts as the icing, but your content, information architecture, content management system, and infrastructure act as the sugar and makes the cake. If you want to create a great, seamless user experience then you need to focus on the basics of your site. If you have great SEO then your website is going to flourish, its as simple as that.