SEO Maple Valley • Observations From A SEO Pro


Example note to client:

SEO is an Acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The purpose of it is to truly cultivate and grow your site so that the search engines can find the unique content your business offers the consumer.

A. Linkbuilding is a strategy where we build links (resources) back to your website with (keywords) attached to them. This shows relevancy for the keyword and city back to your website. Thus one example would be (fertilization tacoma) I would build a profile online with a small caption about fertilization and I would link that profile back to your website. This technique improve the relevancy of your own site with increased online (public relations) about that subject. It really helps push you towards the first page of the search engines.

B. Directory Submissions are a tactic where I place your business in numerous online directories with your web address. This also links back to your website and improves relevancy.

C. Onsite Optimization is when I optimize the current content to your site and find the perfect saturation that google is looking for regarding keywords and localities within a combination of your website.

D. Compress files on website..and optimize files on website for faster load times…is a large task…but I will compress the whole site so it loads faster….

F. Optimize Page titles, Headlines, Meta Keywords, Meta Descriptions . These are important pressure points on your site. Pathways where search engines are looking for important clues regarding topics about your content. Knowing where to place them and what to say is very important. My basic rule is to have it all coordinated within each other.

G. Building a bigger site. I would like to build and add a lot more content and information to the site. Each page is indexed with a search the more pages you have..the more opportunities you have to find more unique ways to go after different terms and cities.

H. Community Directory- My favorite and most skilled part is in developing your business in other communities. We sometimes build 6 page websites for each city on various topics within your own website.

For example: is around a180 page website. It receives over 450 unique phone calls each month. Is a big site. Your current site is 30 or so pages.

I truly build equity online for your business. Everything we do will always stay online with your business. Its not like the yellow pages or pay per click campaigns where you stop paying..and your ads disappear. We truly are building a marketing strategy that will last a very long time. Everything I do is month to month also…so no long term contracts. If I don’t perform then you guys can cancel (i only ask for 30 days notice) Have never lost one of my SEO customers yet.

I hope this info helped. There are a ton of other things involved as well…like google maps..etc.

SEO Maple Valley