SEO : Service Excluded Option

SEO is the Acronym for Search Engine optimization. Recently though I have discovered that some people truly do pay for this service and not receive much of anything in return. I have studied certain peoples work and it is unfortunate for any consumer that has hired a “Professional SEO” firm that gets you ranked and then never does anything for you ever again….except of course take your $1400 per month.

Here is my quick check list for what I would consider a solid SEO company.  Which of course would include weekly or monthly status reports on local keyword rankings and suggestions.  This is an extensive process and is not for the once a month or twice a year “SEO Expert”.

1. Directories You have been submitted to/ further Link Building? Confirmed Links too. Not irrelevant links or mass submissions. Long Term manual links that take forever to build.
2. Relevancy in Copy-writing in Regards to H1,H2, ETC, Title Tags, Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions.
3. Optimized Title Tags
4. Keywords/Descriptions that are relevant to each individual page.
5. Title Tags that are relevant to each individual page and not just a global configuration set up.
6. Geographically Target Keywords/Descriptions/title tags. Just writing out all the keywords of each page doesn’t cut it in my book. The more geographically laced each keywords is the better result you will receive.
7. What and where are you submitting any articles to?
8. What blog posts are you responding to and how often
9. Have they optimized local map listings, helped with facebook.
10. Call Tracking? To me this is the most important. If you aren’t tracking your results you have no way to improve or make progress. Google Analytics sound trendy and good but they are useless. What matters is the call volume. If you don’t know where you stand on 80% of this….then your SEO consultant should be fired.

-iLocal Staff