How SEO operates?

SEO operates through links. It is the links that allow crawlers or spiders, which are the automated robots of search engines, to get to billions of documents that are interconnected on the internet.

After finding these pages, the code is deciphered from them which are stored in massive databases. It is recalled later by SEO when it is required for a search query. Datacenters have been constructed all over the world by search companies so that billions of different documents can be found and accessed in seconds.

SEO is meant to influence both popularity as well as relevance. When you type in a term in the search engine, it only returns with results that are of real use and relevant to the term searched. Hence, SEO is important to make your document available by bringing it on top of the search results.

Hence, main function of SEO is:

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Finding answers

Why is Search Engine Optimization Necessary?

A very critical aspect of search engine optimization is to make the website you own easy not only for the users to understand but also for the robots of the search engine. Even though search engines are not more sophisticated, they do not understand a website like humans making search engine optimization necessary.

It is the search engine optimization that helps the robots figure what the page on your website is about. The usefulness of the page is understood by the robot because of search engine optimization.

It is only through that:

  • You can build proper format
  • Annotate your content according to search engines
  • Make your website visible to search engines

It is further important to market the content and share it. Only then will its relevance and popularity increase.

Interaction of People with Search Engine and Role of SEO

The empathy of your viewers is one of the very critical elements to build marketing strategy around SEO. Once you understand what the audience you are targeting is looking for, you can use SEO:

  • More effectively
  • Put in the content your audience wants
  • Ensure those users visit again

From SEO point of view, queries is usually includes ‘do’, ‘know’ and ‘go’. The visitors must be satisfied with the content they find on your website. That is an important part of SEO. Only then will they come back to your website.

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