Submit Your Site to an Online Directory in Seattle

To submit a site to a Seattle online directory means getting your website listed in that directory. If your Seattle business is listed in a business directory, then whenever anyone searches that directory for a specific product or service in the region, your website will be put out as an option worth considering. The listing requires you to submit link to your website and through it the directory user goes to your site as a potential customer.

Directory submission is an SEO strategy that is employed to garner better search engine rankings for your website. If you submit a link to a directory, it creates a back-link from the directory to your site. The more back-links your site has, the more importance it is accorded by the search engines and the better is its online visibility. Deciding upon how many directories you are going to submit site to will be a crucial marketing decision for your business. The Internet has numerous directories to which you may submit URL of your site for attracting increased web traffic. Some of these directories charge a fee for their services, while some allow you to submit site for free.

Seattle Business Directory

The highly reliable and popular Seattle business directory, Research Giant, offers all types of Seattle businesses a result-oriented and effective directory. The benefit of getting listed in a credible and accurate directory like Research Giant is that it is used more frequently by users and the businesses that submit link there get more visitors to their site. Another advantage of Research Giant is the quality of links. When they get a Seattle business to submit a link with them, they make sure that the link works smoothly. If it is broken, it will turn the prospect off your site and will defeat the very purpose for which you had decided to submit site with them. Research Giant helps you streamline your marketing practices, and offers monthly tracking of results. After you submit a site to the directory, there may be business-related changes such as change in address, phone number, any big business achievements. Research Giant offers interactive listings, which means that you can access your profile and modify it whenever you need to.

Research Giant: Worth the Submission!

Enhance the effectiveness of your online marketing and website SEO activities. Submit site to Research Giant and watch the success it provides to both your online and offline business in Seattle.

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