Hire a Licensed Massage Therapist in Sumner, Washington!

There is nothing better than getting a massage. Whether it’s a back massage, a foot massage, or a scalp massage, something about another person working out the stress in your body is comforting, relaxing, and healthful.

You can’t really go wrong when it comes to getting a massage, but with that said, there are some things that set a massage therapist apart.

Things like:

  • Great customer service
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Availability
  • Variety in what they offer
  • Setting

Nicole Howard, Sumner massage therapist, has all of those qualities and more. She is the rare find that you keep around, hoping to hoard her schedule for yourself. She is the owner of Essential Healing in Sumner, Washington.

Nicole started out in a completely different career that didn’t satisfy any of her dream job requirements. Like most women and mothers, she had the dream to be her own boss and be at home with her family. In addition, she had a passion for health.

After leaving her job, Nicole decided to become a massage therapist and birth doula. Her love of family and health came together perfectly to create a new career that was both satisfying and successful. Nicole Howard, LMP, offers the following massage services:

  • Deep tissue massage
  • Swedish-massage
  • Reflexology
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Hot towels to release muscle tension
  • Light to deep massage techniques

In addition to feeling amazing, there are many physical and mental benefits to getting a massage. For many people, it has been shown to decrease anxiety and depression, reduce muscle soreness, help in lymphatic drainage, and improve sleep. Because she always stays up-to-date on her continuing education, you are guaranteed to get the best massage possible.

Doula Services

If you are expecting, you may find benefit in hiring a doula. A doula assists women through their pregnancies, offering support through massage, a well-designed birth plan, and breathing technique instruction. Many women take great comfort in having the guidance and gentle care of a qualified doula.

Life is hectic these days. Many people are bogged down with a career, or with managing a family. Massage is a way for you to increase your physical and mental well-being, allowing you to give yourself fully to the other aspects of your life.

For more information on Essential Healing, you can call 253.380.3697 or visit www.sumnermassage.com.

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