Get Auto Repair from a Tacoma Auto Mechanic

Owning a Volvo is an experience in itself. Volvo owners pride themselves on keeping and maintaining their Volvos properly so that they function at their best. Art Works is one of the best independent Volvo specialists in Tacoma, Washington. They know cars, and they have made Volvos their specialty. Being in business for over 20 years has taught them a lot about vintage and new model Volvos, and how to best service each one of them.

Customers love taking their cars to Art Works because it is one of the few places in which they can get fast and quality service with a price that they can afford. In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to stretch a dollar. While Art Works offers great services and very high quality parts, they understand that cost is a big factor in whether or not a customer can have a safe and efficient car to drive. They will work with you to find a way for you to get what you need while staying on par with your budgetary restrictions.

In order to take advantage of the new technology that allows you to diagnose a car, Art Works uses the most up-to-date diagnostic scan tools and software.

  • Services Include:
  • Minor engine repairs
  • Major engine repairs
  • Automatic and manual transmissions
  • Advanced electronic suspension system
  • Tune-ups
  • Diagnostics
  • Basic maintenance
  • Turbo repair and maintenance
  • Performance inspections

Art Works business hours are designed so that anyone, no matter how busy their schedule, can be accommodated. They are open early in the morning and later in the evening, giving you the options you need. In addition, their six-day-a-week schedule makes it possible for you to get your car fixed without taking time off work.

Web Design

Art Works has found a unique way to reach more customers and to offer them a fast way to get service. They hired a professional web designer! By hiring a Seattle web design company, they have taken what could have been an ordinary website and turned it into one that offers their customers a positive viewing experience. Their website is clean, bright, and has all the information you need at a first glance.

If you are looking for a top-notch Tacoma Volvo repair specialist, then check out Art Works Independent Volvo Specialist. Their customer service and affordability make them unmatched in the Puget Sound area.