Take Care of Your Customers


As a business owner it is your ultimate responsibility to take care of your customers. As business owners this should be our number one priority. I have very little respect for most corporations because they have more people counting the money than they do people making certain that each customer gets what they ordered and are satisfied with the service they have requested. Microsoft for example is a huge company and one of the wealthiest but have you ever tried to call them? AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Bank of America, Sprint, Team Mobile and Mortgage Companies…….on and on. It just is not right for these companies to treat “consumers” in such a way. A companies success isn’t dependent on how much money they have in the bank. It’s dependent upon the quality of its overall product and service and the feelings it transcribes within each customer. These big company’s have so much money…yet are only concerned about their stock price and earning reports.

The value of a company should also be measured by the level of satisfaction felt by each customer. These companies need to spend way more money on training and infrastructure that makes the customer experience incredible. Imagine the satisfaction of the employee’s if all of the companies customers rate them so poorly. The CEO makes 8 million a year but he slashes all the employee benefits and sales commission structure. In the long run, it is my belief that doing what is best for my customer and employee will lead us to the brightest future.

-iLocal Staff