The Best Septic Tank Service in South King County Area

There are several considerations that you should make when choosing between septic tank services if you are to get the best.

Reputable Federal Way Septic Tank Service

Scott’s Septic Service should be your automatic choice when your septic tank fills up because Scott has been in the industry for over 10 years and he, therefore, has the necessary experience. His longevity in the business is proof of his credibility and reliability. Scott’s Septic Service is licensed by the relevant regulatory authorities and the business is bonded and insured. Read reviews on the Better Business Bureau ( for proof that Scott’s Septic Service has a good reputation.

Scott’s Septic Service offers its septic tank services 24/7, all year round and Scott himself does the bulk of the work.

Comprehensive Septic Tank Service

When you come to Scott’s Septic Service, you get comprehensive septic tank service. Some of the septic tank services you expect from the company are septic tank pumping, free OSS inspection with tank pumping service, extension riser installation, electronic septic tank locating, repair, replacement, or installation of the baffle, and light excavation. We flush a radio receiver down your drain and then use a receiver to locate the signal to get the actual location of the lid.

We will do the excavation should your septic tank access lid be buried and we even add additional collars to raise the levels of lids to the ground. We also do excavations to access the septic tank for repairs and servicing, but we do not do septic tank design or installation. Once we are done, we offer a cleaning service to ensure that your septic tank runs efficiently.

A Helping Hand to Prevent Future Septic Tank Problems

We will give you preventative tips, take through how a septic tank works (read, and ensure that you have the right maintenance schedule so that you avoid the most common septic problems. We will handle the permits and any other documentation that needs to be processed. We offer emergency service since we understand some septic tank problems cannot wait.