The Importance of Call Tracking

In our opinion, call tracking is a key component of any successful advertising campaign whether large or small. Too often, small business owners have no idea where their leads are coming from and what their return on investment is regarding advertising budget. Implementing call tracking numbers is the first step in solidifying the direction your marketing is heading. Most companies are too cheap to invest $100 dollars or less a month on call tracking software or systems that will manage your media usage. We are proud to offer this service and to help people to gain a even larger return on their investment of advertising dollars.

In the end, it will allow you to dump what isn’t and hasn’t worked for a long time and allow you to fine tune and grow in directions that are working or in totally new direction that you were never able to tap into.

iLocal also offers a customer service program that will help you to go back through your marketing history and contact customers and use time tested information to gather data from your customers. This also is a great public relations product that shows your customers that you are concerned about your product and employee interaction with your consumer. Call tracking is a huge part of the service we offer for all of our clients. Its up to the business owner in the end to see the obvious benefit of this type of service.